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Welcome to Cecilia’s Gemstone Designs – home to hand crafted semi-precious gemstone jewellery (I prefer the English spelling to the American one!!). I started jewellery making as a hobby and soon I was making pieces for my friends, relatives and loved ones. Many asked for repeat orders and hence I decided to take my business online – I hope you will also enjoy my creations!

I like to imagine all my designs are original so you can rest assured that when you buy at my website, you might be only one in the world with that particular design. Most of my pieces can be worn daily, but to ensure that the silver or metal does not tarnish please take care of the pieces from time to time. There are many websites devoted to the care of semi-precious jewellery and I won’t bore you with more and more unnecessary web pages. Email me at if you need any specific advice regarding the care and maintenance of your pieces. I have enclosed a section of care in this website.

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